CEA Funds

Real Estate Long Equity Fund RELEF

RELEF is Chicago Equity Advisor’s multi-strategy, multi asset concept. The fund intends to purchase single and multi-family homes in suburban areas of major metropolitan cities, starting with Chicago. These homes are purchased with the intent to rent out to high quality tenants that are approved through our detailed application process.

The cash flow net of debt service will be placed in CEA’s Fund 1 to create exposure across multiple asset classes.

Fast Facts

Exposure to multiple asset classes

Combination of two asset classes to compound consistent cash flows

High quality tenants with low default risk

Liquidity greater than owning a single piece of real estate

Active management on both portfolio and real estate assets

Professionally managed real estate assets

RELEF offers a solution for investors who wish to invest in real estate and keep the cash flow invested. Many investors who intend to purchase real estate fail to stay disciplined in their plan to invest their monthly cash flow; CEA’s RELEF relieves investors of that burden by combining the two steps into one investable fund.

The fund is actively seeking acquisition targets and investment.